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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you light candles in the morning or at night?

It is customary to light the candles in the morning and to extinguish them at nightfall. In some places, however, it is not necessary to do so, because the lights are kept burning for a longer period of time, so that they can be used again at a later time. Table of Contents How early can you light candles?

What time of Day do you light candles on Shabbat?

Caution: Shabbat candles must be lit before sunset. It's a desecration of the Shabbat to light candles after sunset. Shabbat candle lighting times listed are 18 minutes before sunset, however please allow yourself enough time to perform this time-bound mitzvah at the designated time; do not wait until the last minute.

What is a Menorah Candle lighting in NYC?

Attend a menorah candle lighting in NYC and the surrounding area with your family this year. Get can’t-miss family activities sent to you! Menorahs are lit during Hanukkah to commemorate the miracle of the little oil that burned for eight days and to honor Jewish ancestors.

How long does a Candle Burn After a death?

The candle is lit at sunset on the anniversary of the loved one’s death. The candle should burn for 24-hours. If it continues to burn after the 24-hours are up, it’s not extinguished. In addition to the burning candle, many people do the following: Torah Study: This is a day to focus on religious studies.

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