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Frequently Asked Questions

Which precious stone is green?

Peridot is the name of the gem-quality variety of the mineral Olivine and is a light green or olive-colored semi precious stone. The name comes from the Arabic word for gem and has been used as a semi precious stone since early human history. Mineral Category: Olivine. Colors: Light/Olive Green.

What does green stone mean?

When you have this beautiful green stone in your life, you will enjoy more love, passion, and meaning in your romantic relationship. It will always feel new, and it will always give you a sense of security and belonging. Emerald also symbolizes growth and renewal.

What are the names of the green gemstones?

Green crystal names include emerald, malachite, jade, serpentine, peridot, prehnite, aventurine, moldavite, and more. What do green gemstones mean? Green gemstones correspond to the heart chakra, prosperity, and nature.

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