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Frequently Asked Questions

What is wastewater, and how is it treated?

Wastewater may be conveyed in a sanitary sewer which conveys only sewage. Alternatively, it can be transported in a combined sewer which includes stormwater runoff and industrial wastewater. After treatment at a wastewater treatment plant, the treated wastewater (also called effluent) is discharged to a receiving water body.

What is the difference between sewage and wastewater?

As nouns the difference between wastewater and sewage. is that wastewater is any water that has been used by some human domestic or industrial activity and, because of that, now contains waste products while sewage is a suspension of water and solid waste, transported by sewers to be disposed of or processed.

What are the types of wastewater?

Types of wastewater include: domestic wastewater from households, municipal wastewater from communities (also called sewage) or industrial wastewater from industrial activities. Wastewater can contain physical, chemical and biological pollutants.

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