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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Vedic mean?

Ve·dic. (vā'dĭk, vē'-) adj. Of or relating to the Veda or Vedas, the variety of Sanskrit in which they are written, or the Hindu culture that produced them. n. The early Sanskrit in which the Vedas are written. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition.

What are Vedic beliefs?

Vedic religion is the basis of Hinduism and the beliefs and rituals in Hinduism have their roots in Vedic religion. The superficial differences that exists are mainly pecularities of the generation and era.

What are the Vedic texts?

The term "Vedic texts" is used in two distinct meanings: Texts composed in Vedic Sanskrit during the Vedic period (Iron Age India) Any text considered as "connected to the Vedas" or a "corollary of the Vedas"

What are the teachings of Vedic religion?

Vedic Religion is totally based on the teachings of the vedic text. It shows us the path to live a sin free life. The main characteristics of the Vedic religion weredeification of the forces of nature, animism, and primitive magic. Some of the main features of Vedic religion are as follows: 1) Sin free life: Vedas teaching was to lead the ...

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