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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Marine Barracks Washington DC?

Marine Barracks Washington, DC Location Marine Barracks Washington, also known as “8th & I,” is the oldest active post in the Marine Corps and is located on the corner of 8th and I streets, founding its name, just Southeast of Washington, D.C. View Larger Map

What is the history of the Marine Barracks?

The buildings at the Marine Barracks are some of the oldest in Washington. In 1801, President Thomas Jefferson and Lt. Col. William Ward Burrows, the commandant of the Marine Corps, rode horses about the new capital to find a place suitable for the Marines near the Washington Navy Yard.

Is the Marine Band still stationed at the barracks?

The Marine Band is still stationed at the Barracks and remains the official White House musical unit. From 1891 to 1903, the Barracks saw another period of growth in the Marine Corps. Commandant Charles Heywood began emphasizing new military tactics and expanding Marine Corps responsibilities.

What are the Marine Barracks requirements?

The Marines assigned to the D.C. barracks must meet strict height, weight, and background check standards, since they perform in ceremonial parades, funerals, and other ceremonies for presidential and other national dignitaries.

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