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Frequently Asked Questions

What does urine specific gravity tell you?

Urine specific gravity is a laboratory test that shows the concentration of all chemical particles in the urine. After you provide a urine sample, it is tested right away. The health care provider uses a dipstick made with a color-sensitive pad. The color the dipstick changes to will tell the provider the specific gravity of your urine.

What does high specific gravity in urine mean?

Specific gravity. Normal: 1.005–1.030 footnote 1. Abnormal: A very high specific gravity means very concentrated urine, which may be caused by not drinking enough fluid, loss of too much fluid (excessive vomiting, sweating, or diarrhea), or substances (such as sugar or protein) in the urine.

What is specific gravity indicates what in urine?

Urine specific gravity (U SG) is the most commonly reported biochemical marker used in research and applied settings to detect fluid deficits in athletes, including those participating in combat sports.Despite the popularity of its use, there has been a growing debate regarding the diagnostic accuracy and the applicability of U SG in characterizing whole-body fluid status and fluctuations.

Is specific gravity a good estimate of urine osmolality?

Urine that is similar to normal plasma osmolality will have a specific gravity of 1.010 to 1.015. Concentrated urine (i.e., with an osmolality greater than that of normal plasma) will have a specific gravity of more than 1.015.

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