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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you sing a lullaby to a toddler?

In fact, the ritual of singing or humming a lullaby can be a key part of your little one's bedtime routine, letting them know that the time for sleep is coming soon. And, as they grow from infants into toddlers, you can also sing these lullabies together.

What is a classic Baby lullaby?

Another classic baby lullaby, “Cradle Song” (also commonly known by its first line, “Lullaby and goodnight”) was composed by Johannes Brahms and published in 1868 as “Wiegenlied” (German for cradle song) for one of his former flames on the birth of her second child. The original German lyrics for the classical piece are based on a folk poem.

What is a Welsh lullaby?

It was first published in 1784, and it was later translated into several languages, including English. The lyrics encourage your little baby to go to sleep, promising protection from guardian angels and loved ones. Listen to the traditional lullaby sung by Welsh bass-baritone Bryn Terfel:

Is You my Sunshine a lullaby?

Although not originally a lullaby, “You Are My Sunshine” has become one because of its touching lyrics. Originally a country song, in recent years it’s appeared in many TV commercials with babies. It’s considered one of the most-covered songs in American popular music.

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