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Frequently Asked Questions

Is texprint R the same as texprint DT heavy?

TexPrint is rebranding TexPrint R to TexPrint DT Heavy. Customers who order TexPrint R during this transitional period may receive packs of TexPrint DT Heavy. Rest assured that while the name is different, the paper itself is the same.

What is textexprint Desktop Light?

TexPrint Desktop Light is a special purpose dye sublimation paper that maintains the premium definition and color fidelity that the TexPrint family of sublimation papers is renowned for. Dimensions: A4: 8.25" x 11.75"

What happened to texprint xphr and texprint-R?

TexPrint XPHR and TexPrint-R are now transitioning to TexPrintDT Light and TexPrintDT Heavy. The products and formulas are the same as the original but now with a new name. Customers may receive original paper as this transition takes place. This paper is great.

What is texprint®DT?

TexPrint®DT dries instantly, eliminates offsetting, produces the most vibrant color transfers and provides consistent, high-quality printing every time! The world’s number one selling desktop dye-sublimation paper, TexPrint®DT delivers excellent dimensional stability and absorbs the heaviest ink loads.

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