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Frequently Asked Questions

What is texprint DT heavy?

The coating on Texprint DT Heavy is designed to work well with Ricoh and Virtuoso gel-resin ink systems. Great for hard and soft soft surfaces. ~ 100% recyclable. This is a thick paper, allowing for high ink saturation without any issues.

What is textexprint Desktop Light?

TexPrint Desktop Light is a special purpose dye sublimation paper that maintains the premium definition and color fidelity that the TexPrint family of sublimation papers is renowned for. Dimensions: A4: 8.25" x 11.75"

What are the benefits of textexprint DT?

TexPrint DT delivers excellent dimensional stability at high speeds and heavy ink loads, exceptional resistance to smudging and offsetting, directional out-gassing (dye-gases aimed at the receptor with no back gassing), and a very high color transfer efficiency. Set temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

What happened to texprint R?

TexPrint is rebranding TexPrint R to TexPrint DT Heavy. Customers who order TexPrint R during this transitional period may receive packs of TexPrint DT Heavy.

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