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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of "telecommute?"

to work at home by using a computer that is electronically linked to the network of one's place of employment. What does telecommute mean? Telecommute means to work from home or another remote location, especially by keeping in contact with coworkers through various forms of digital communication. To commute means to make a regular trip.

What is the difference between telecommuting and remote working?

Telecommuting and working remotely are near-synonyms and may often be conflated with one another. However, the distinction lies in distance. Remote work implies that the employee lives outside the geographic area of the organization’s location.

What are the benefits of telecommuting?

Telecommuting reduces material and environmental costs. Telework saves some office costs (such as the costs of lunches or free snacks) and may reduce the environmental impact of commuting (e.g. car fumes). Telecommuting increases employee retention. Most employees who telecommute are happier at their jobs and less likely to change companies.

What are some examples of telecommuting?

Most commonly, it refers to traveling to work and back each day. When people telecommute, they don’t go to a workplace but instead usually rely on the internet to communicate and send documents. Example: The company allows some of its employees to telecommute when they have personal appointments during the day.

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