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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 10 tech stocks to buy in 2025?

10 Tech Stocks to Buy Now for 2025 1 Alphabet (GOOG, GOOGL) 2 Nvidia ( NVDA) 3 Amazon ( AMZN) 4 Rapid7 ( RPD) 5 Splunk ( SPLK) 6 PayPal ( PYPL) 7 Apple (AAPL) 8 Synopsys (SNPS) 9 Micron (MU) 10 Microsoft (MSFT)

What will the stock price be in September 2025?

A more conservative average target high/low for September 2025 should land around $34.56 or $31.60. If you really are looking for a big gain sooner, however, check this out...

What's the SoFi stock forecast for 2025?

And that could fuel the Sofi stock forecast for 2025. Year-over-year growth is up 113% to over 2.6 million in the company's eighth consecutive quarter with accelerating membership. That's just one sign that the app resonates with consumers. Sofi's user base is also incredibly loyal, and engagement is fantastic.

What is its'imagine 2025'portfolio?

Its "Imagine 2025" portfolio selects the tech stocks the firm believes will be winning on a long-term basis. "We believe the following names are best positioned to outperform over a seven-year time horizon through 2025" writes the firm. What does this mean for now?

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