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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Technology Review an MIT publication?

The magazine is published by Technology Review, Inc, an independent media company owned by MIT. MIT's website lists it as an MIT publication, and the MIT News Office states that "the magazine often uses MIT expertise for some of its content."

What is the history of Technology Review?

Technology Review was founded in 1899 under the name "The Technology Review" and relaunched in 1998 without "The" in its original name. It currently claims to be "the oldest technology magazine in the world.".

What is techtechnology review?

Technology Review covers breakthroughs and current issues on fields such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, and computing. Articles are also devoted to more mature disciplines such as energy, telecommunications, transportation, and the military .

Is Technology Review still a magazine?

Since Journey, Technology Review has been distributed as a regular mass-market magazine and appears on newsstands. By 2003, circulation had more than tripled from 92,000 to 315,000, about half that of Scientific American, and included 220,000 paid subscribers and 95,000 sent free to MIT alumni.

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