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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Technology Readiness Level?

Definition: Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) are a method used to measure and assess the maturity of a particular technology. Purpose of Technology Readiness Level (TRL) The purpose of Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) is to measure the maturity of technology components for a system.

What is a TRL rating in project management?

A TRL rating helps in measuring the progress of a project. TRL is based on a scale from 1 to 9 with 9 being the most mature technology. The use of TRLs enables consistent, uniform, discussions of technical maturity across different types of technologies.

What is a Technology Readiness Assessment (TRA)?

While a Technology Readiness Assessment (TRA) uses Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) as key metrics for the evaluation of each technology, an assessment is more than just a single number at only single point in time.

What is TRL 3 technology development?

When active research and design begin, a technology is elevated to TRL 3. Generally both analytical and laboratory studies are required at this level to see if a technology is viable and ready to proceed further through the development process. Often during TRL 3, a proof-of-concept model is constructed.

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