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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CNN a real news?

CNN has real news and it has editorial shows. Just like Fox News. The real news shows for both channels may present a left or right-wing preference, but the news is accurate and real. The problem is the editorial shows are opinion and they tend to operate in their own echo chambers.

What is the CNN app?

CNN App (for iPad) You can cache news stories with the "Save for later" function, but the highlights of this app rely on Web connectivity. CNN has invested heavily in the video capabilities of the app. The news network offers a capacious video catalog, all of which looks great on the iPad's 9.6-inch screen. There's also live video.

What is CNN Business?

CNN BUSINESS REPORTERS ARE THE LINK BETWEEN THE ECONOMY AND NEWS. CNN business news is where you get the facts, the backstory, hear from the players involved, get other slants from government and private sectors, and have Cnn business reporters there all along the way, parsing out important facts for you to consider.

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