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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Technology Investment Agreement (TIA)?

10 CFR § 603.1340 - Technology investment agreement. § 603.1340 Technology investment agreement. A TIA is a special type of assistance instrument used to increase involvement of commercial firms in the DOE research, development and demonstration (RD&D) programs.

What is the difference between a cooperative agreement and Tia?

A TIA, like a cooperative agreement, requires substantial Federal involvement in the technical or management aspects of the project. A TIA may be either a type of cooperative agreement or a type of assistance transaction other than a cooperative agreement, depending on the intellectual property provisions. A TIA is either:

What is the DoD's policy on TIA awards?

DoD policy is to award TIAs using merit-based, competitive procedures, as described in 32 CFR 22.315, in every case where required by statute; and to the maximum extent practicable in all other cases.

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