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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a technology investment agreement?

Technology investment agreements include one kind of cooperative agreement with provisions tailored for involving commercial firms, as well as one kind of assistance transaction other than a grant or cooperative agreement. Technology investment agreements are subject to, and described more fully in, 32 CFR part 37.

What is a DoD a contract?

A contract is a transaction into which a recipient or subrecipient enters. It is therefore distinct from the term “procurement contract,” which is a transaction that a DoD Component awards at the prime tier. Contracting activity.

What is a technical improvement Agreement (TIA)?

A TIA is an instrument used to stimulate or support commercial firm involvement in pursuing best technologies for defense research. TIAs are appropriate when research objectives are unlikely to be achieved using other types of contract instruments.

What is an agreements officer DoD?

DoD offices and officials with distinct responsibilities. “Agreements officer,” for example, is a term associated with officials authorized to award Technology Investment Agreements, as distinct from officials authorized to award or do post-award administration for grants and cooperative agreements.

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