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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the latest technology developments in football boots?

Probably the most intriguing development/technology in football boots today is in Adidas’s Predator boots. They come in 3 types which are Power, Swerve and Control. Each of these boots contains the element tungsten in the underside of the boots which moves when the ball is kicked which gives more power and a swerve system.

What is the function of a soccer boot?

Soccer boots consist of several materials and the designs change regularly. The main functions of a soccer boot include improved touch, control, power, agility, speed and comfort. Where was the technology discovered/invented?

How has football footwear evolved over the past decade?

We surveyed some of the most game-changing innovations in boot technology from over the past decade to see the inspired evolution of football footwear. Check out the designs that have pushed the shoe game to new heights and are enabling ballers to perform at ever-increasing levels.

Why are football boots so important?

From the early age non-stud boots, to modern light-weight boots, football boots has been and is being an important feature of a player’s game. Not only does it improve style with the many different colors being produced, it adds touch, power, speed and comfort to a player’s game.

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