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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best degree to get online?

Business Administration is the most popular online degree because it allows for so much versatility in the work place. Whether you’re getting a Bachelor’s of Business Administration, or a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), a degree in Business Administration allows you a lot of versatility in finding a well paying job.

What are some useful online degrees?

25 Best Online Degrees for 2020 # 1 Business Administration and Management, General. A degree in business administration and management gives graduates a promising career pathway. ... Registered Nursing. The healthcare field is ever-expanding, with a corresponding demand for registered nurses. ... # 3 Business/Commerce, General. ... # 4 Information Technology. ... More items...

Are online degrees less expensive than a traditional degree?

Online degrees may be cheaper than traditional degrees because students can eliminate some expenses such as room and board. Additionally, pursuing an online degree provides a more flexible schedule that allows students to pursue other interests.

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