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Frequently Asked Questions

Why study data science at Illinois Tech?

Illinois Tech’s rigorous data science curriculum provides the knowledge, skills, and experience to expand your career opportunities. Whether in Chicago with its diverse economy and thriving tech community or across the globe, our data science alumni have bright futures in the data science profession.

Why get an MS in data science from an ivyrit University?

RIT’s colleges of Science and Computing and Information Sciences came together to deliver the MS in data science, which combines the expertise and knowledge from faculty in both colleges to provide you with a unique understanding of math, computing, and technology. This approach enhances your learning outcomes and increases career marketability.

How will students be introduced to the data science masters program?

Students will be introduced to the data science masters program along with potential projects which they will develop over the course of this series in con-junction with the applied data science directed studies.

What will I learn in a big data course?

Software design and development methodologies and available technologies addressing the major software aspects of a big data system including software architectures, application design patterns, different types of data models and data management, and deployment architectures will be covered in this course.

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