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Frequently Asked Questions

What is data technology?

The skills and equipment used to organize, secure, store and retrieve information. Data management technology can refer to a wide range of techniques and database systems used for managing information use and allocating access both within a business and between entities.

What are data definitions?

Definition of data. 1 : factual information (such as measurements or statistics) used as a basis for reasoning, discussion, or calculation the data is plentiful and easily available— H. A. Gleason, Jr. comprehensive data on economic growth have been published— N. H. Jacoby.

What is Data Tech?

Data Tech, Inc. "Your Communications Integrator & Service Partner". Data Tech is an integral voice, data, video, and communications contractor providing infrastructure services to mid-tier and large enterprise. Through our depth of knowledge, planning, and implementation, we can deliver un-paralleled resolve.

What is technical data?

Technical data refers to both scientific and technical information recorded and presented in any form or manner (excluding financial and management information). A Technical Data Management System is created within an organisation for archiving and sharing information such as technical specifications, datasheets and drawings.

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