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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you conduct a technology assessment?

How to Conduct a Technology Assessment: A Four-Step Guide. 1 Step 1: Discovery. The first step towards picking the right technology is discovery. The purpose of the discovery phase is to deeply understand your ... 2 Step 2: Analysis. 3 Step 3: Define & Develop. 4 Step 4: Document.

What are technology readiness assessments (TRA)?

Technology readiness assessments (TRA) are used to evaluate the maturity of technologies and whether they are developed enough to be incorporated into a system without too much risk. Technologies that are not as mature as recommended have been the source of program delays and cost increases.

What is a technical assessment team?

Technical Assessment (Tiger Team) 1-4 • This kind of assessment is sharply focused on solving a technical problem or supporting a technical decision. The team may even be asked to help implement the technical solution. The team members must be experts in the technology and domain of the system.

How do you evaluate a Technology’s readiness to integrate into a system?

Using effective management practices and processes to assess both the level of maturity of a technology and how this maturity has been demonstrated are fundamental to evaluating a technology’s readiness to be integrated into a system and is managed for risk in the federal government’s major acquisitions.

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