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Frequently Asked Questions

Does technology help or ruin kids?

Although technology does provide many positive benefits for learning, it also can have several negative effects on child development and quality of life. One of the biggest differences in the way that children live today is that they don't get as much exercise as they used to.

When should kids be introduced to technology?

Technology Standards - What Should Children Know: By the time children enter kindergarten , they should be able to navigate computers and iPads alike, launching applications, and negotiating menus.

Why is technology good for kids?

Technology is becoming a more widely determined mental health issue for children. Engage with electronics devices more times make difficult for children to know how activity progress and how to pace themselves. Up to a certain limit technology is good for kids. Everything should be done in a controlled manner.

How can technology help kids learn?

How Technology Can Help Children Learn. Technology helps educate children in ways that are best suited to their personal learning styles. An estimated 60-80 percent of children are visual learners, and technology makes it easier to supplement verbal content like reading and lectures with pictures and graphs.

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