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Frequently Asked Questions

Should we rely on technology to solve our problems?

No one doubts that technology has the potential to change the world for the better; but it's not always a failsafe solution. And the more that we rely on technology to resolve not just practical but ethical problems, the more vulnerable we will be to threats that demand broader social, political and collective responses.

Can tech innovation make the world a better place?

Techno-optimists, by definition, believe that the moral arc of innovation bends toward justice, and most tech entrepreneurs would like to believe they are making the world a better place. And yet, good intentions do not guarantee good results. Sign up for CNN Opinion's new newsletter.

Is technology inherently benevolent?

We would do well to interrogate our faith in technological progress as omnipotent and inherently benevolent. In 2018, the Harvard University psychologist Steven Pinker offered a typical expression of this modern creed in his best-selling paean to progress, "Enlightenment Now."

Is technology an alibi for inaction?

The wholesale reliance on technological and scientific progress to provide a convenient solution that may never materialize can be detrimental if it becomes an alibi for inaction.

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