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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the job of a police chief?

A police chief is the top executive officer in a police department. The job of a chief, no matter what the size of the police department, is to protect their community. A chief is responsible for the budget of a police department.

What is the phone number for Tampa Police Department?

Tampa Police Department is located at 411 N. Franklin Street, Tampa, 33602 FL. The Tampa Police Department phone number is (813) 276-3200. 2018-06-18 20:08:37. Day One of the TPD Youth Academy included visits from our specialty squads: Bike Squad, Air Service, K9, Mounted Patrol, and Bomb Squad.

What does police chief mean?

As the top law enforcement officer in a city, town or other municipality, a police chief is responsible for leading the police force. The ultimate responsibility for this person, also known as chief of police, is to protect the public and public property.

What is a chief police officer?

Chief police officer is a phrase used in the United Kingdom to describe the position held by the most senior police officer in a police force. It refers to either one of the 53 Chief Constables, the Commissioner of the City of London Police or the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.

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