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Frequently Asked Questions

What newspapers are in Tampa Florida?

La Gaceta is a weekly trilingual (English, Spanish and Italian) newspaper published in Tampa's historic Ybor City since 1922. Two newspapers serve the local black community: the Florida Sentinel Bulletin (Tampa) and The Weekly Challenger (St. Petersburg).

Is Tampa Florida dangerous?

Many of Tampa’s most significant dangers relate to mother nature herself. Like the rest of Florida, Tampa is notorious for bugs of all types due to it’s humid subtropical climate.

What are some little known facts about Tampa, FL?

The name Tampa is believed to come from the Calusa phrase "Sticks of Fire." That's probably because Tampa sees some nasty lightning each summer, which is how the local hockey team got its name. When it comes to sports, the city is no stranger to futility. ... Babe Ruth hit his longest home run during an exhibition game in Tampa-it sailed 587 feet. More items...

What is Tampa Florida known for?

Tampa is a city on Tampa Bay, along Florida's Gulf Coast. A noteworthy business focus, it's likewise known for its exhibition halls and other social offerings.

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