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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will your Tampa Electric bill increase this year?

Utilities use 1,000 kilowatt-hour residential bills as a benchmark, though actual electricity usage varies widely. Tampa Electric’s small commercial customers are expected to see increases between 11.1 percent and 12.7 percent, while medium-size commercial customers face increases of 12.8 percent to 15.4 percent.

Why are utility rates going up in Florida?

The Florida Public Service Commission approved the requests to increase utility rates through the end of the year. Customers of Tampa Electric Co. and Duke Energy Florida will see higher monthly bills through the end of the year to cover unexpected increases in natural-gas prices.

What does the settlement mean for Tampa Electric rates?

TALLAHASSEE —Tampa Electric Co. has reached a settlement that will raise customers’ base electric rates over the next three years, though the utility agreed to shave more than $100 million from its original proposal.

How does Tampa Electric manage fuel costs?

Fuel costs are passed through from fuel suppliers to customers with no markup or profit to Tampa Electric. Tampa Electric maximizes the use of existing low-cost, well-performing plants and power purchased from other companies to mitigate costs. We can help you manage your energy use and save money.

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