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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Fox 13 News Tampa Bay have to offer?

The weather News report provides extensive live information about the weather conditions occurring across the state. Fox 13 News Tampa Bay has its weather news team known as “Severe Weather Center 13“. The metrologists hired for the job are highly professional. They have profound knowledge about the ongoing weather conditions.

What is the best channel for news in Tampa?

Several organizations rated Fox 13 News Tampa Bay as best channel for news in Tampa. The station provides its audience with a high resolution of live streaming. You might be anywhere around the globe; you get access to the current affairs at any time you want.

What is the history of Fox 13 Tampa?

In 1958, FOX13 Tampa live stream turned into the second station in the nation to present day by day publications. It was additionally, the main channel in the country to run 60 minutes in length news square, comprising of 45 minutes of nearby news (under the title Pulse) joined with the then-15-minute system report.

When did Tampa Bay TV start broadcasting in real-time?

The station initially marked broadcasting in real-time on April 1, 1955, turning into the third TV slot in Tampa Bay (after WSUN-TV—channel 38, recurrence presently involved by WTTA, and WFLA-TV, channel 8). It is also the second most established enduring station in the market (behind WFLA).

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