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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of syndrome?

syndrome ( ˈsɪndrəʊm) n 1. (Medicine) med any combination of signs and symptoms that are indicative of a particular disease or disorder 2. a symptom, characteristic, or set of symptoms or characteristics indicating the existence of a condition, problem, etc

What is the difference between syndrome and disease?

• Syndrome is a set of symptoms occurring altogether, but the disease is an abnormality in normal functioning of the body. • Syndrome does not have a specified cause, but a disease does. • A Syndrome may indicate a disease or even a combination of diseases.

What is the medical definition of syndrome?

For other uses, see Syndrome (disambiguation). A syndrome is a set of medical signs and symptoms which are correlated with each other and often associated with a particular disease or disorder. The word derives from the Greek σύνδρομον, meaning "concurrence". : 1818 When a syndrome is paired with a definite cause this becomes a disease.

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