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Frequently Asked Questions

Is crystallization a reversible process?

As mentioned above, crystallization is a reversible process. The crystals can be reverted back to their original liquid state with heat. Heating the resin container to a temperature of approximately 125°F will melt the crystals. Blending the resin may also be necessary to remove all traces of crystals.

How does sugar crystallize?

Sugar can crystallize after being saturated with water by either cooling or evaporation. An example of both forms is the production of rock candy.

How does the crystallization process occur?

The process of crystallization can occur in two steps. In the first step, a crystalline phase appears from a supercooled liquid or a supersaturated solvent and this step is called nucleation. In the second step, we see a crystal growth i.e., the size of the particles of crystal increases and this step is called a crystal state.

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