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Frequently Asked Questions

Why join a focus room?

Why join a Focus Room? Looking for a place to focus and study with strangers? Try one of StudyStream's focus rooms. Open 24 hours a day — no matter what timezone or country you live in, there will always be a study room for you to work alongside other students.

Why should I join the 24/7 zoom study rooms?

Join our 24/7 Zoom study rooms and learn alongside +200.000 other students. Add a motivation booster to your studies! Join our 24/7 Zoom study rooms and learn alongside +200.000 other students. ... to stay accountable and regain your motivation. Join more than 200.000 other students who already study together within our community.

What is a focus zoom room?

The reason it’s often called a focus Zoom room is because the idea originated on platforms such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Skype. Study With Me (2h de zoom) / ASMR / Descubro pág para estudiar con personas de todo el mundo.

What is a virtual focus room?

Just like a physical focus room is designed to help you zone in on your current task, a virtual focus room is specially designed to help you concentrate. There are a few elements that make a virtual focus room unique, including a timer, focus music, a task list, aesthetic backgrounds, and the ability to add friends, classmates, or coworkers.

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