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Frequently Asked Questions

What is streamstreamyard?

StreamYard is a live streaming studio where users can share screens, interview guests, engage and discuss just anything. It’s a fantastic way to grow followers and audiences right away.

What are the best alternatives to streamyard?

Live Stream Software is a widely used technology, and many people are seeking popular, high quality software solutions with multi-platform streaming. Other important factors to consider when researching alternatives to StreamYard include videos and media platforms.

How do I use streamyard for live interviews?

StreamYard is the perfect tool for live interviews. Have up to 10 people in the stream. Go further than just responding to comments and questions. With StreamYard, you can show viewer comments on screen -- talk about making your audience feel special! Just type out a call to action and StreamYard will add it to your live stream in a single click.

Is streamyard good for senior citizens?

I'm a senior citizen and have used this a few times and it is much easier than other platforms. Download HD video and audio, including a separate audio track for each guest. You can even record without going live. StreamYard is easy to use and so helpful! It has helped to save our business.

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