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Frequently Asked Questions

What is streamstreamstats?

StreamStats is a Web application for water-resources planning and engineering purposes. The map-based user interface can be used to delineate drainage areas for user-selected sites on streams, generate basin characteristics and estimate flow statistics for the selected sites.

What is the difference between streamstats and eventstats?

The streamstats command is very much similar in comparison with the eventstats command with the only difference being that it uses events before the current event to compute the aggregate statistics that are applied to each event.

How do I get flow statistics from streamstats?

StreamStats users also can select the locations of U.S. Geological Survey data-collection stations, shown as triangles on the StreamStats map, and get flow statistics and other information for the stations. The types of flow statistics that are available vary from state to state.

What is the difference between streamstats and streamstats in Spl2?

The streamstats command syntax in SPL2 is substantially different from the streamstats command in SPL. All of the reset conditions have new syntax that makes it easier to write expressions. Instead of individual reset arguments, there is one reset argument where you can specify multiple reset conditions.

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