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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Fubo TV cost monthly?

Learn more. FuboTV is a live TV streaming service with several plans and add-on options. The Starter Plan has over 100 channels and simultaneous streaming on three devices for $65 a month. For $80 a month, the Elite Plan includes more channels and simultaneous streaming on 10 devices.

Is Fubo TV worth it?

Read: Everything you need to know about Fubo TV Both services are exclusive to Americans ... That means neither is comparatively a great or terrible deal. They’re both worth what they charge for what they offer. If you mostly just want to watch live ...

How much data does FuboTV use?

On average, an hour of HD streaming can use up to 3GB of data. You should be mindful of watching fuboTV while on mobile networks, since streaming a lot of video can lead to extra charges from your provider. Better take advantage of the recording and Lookback features.

When did Fubo TV increase their prices?

To remain in the race, Fubo TV, the popular live streaming service, made quite a shocking announcement of a price hike for its live subscription service to $60 a month. The price increase by FuboTV will come into effect from August 1, 2020 (just a day after YouTube live TV subscription cost will increase).

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