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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the voice of the Joker in the comics?

He was voiced by Wataru Takagi in the Japanese version, and by Tony Hale in the English dubbed version, the former of whom also voiced Hammerhead and the other James Suggs . Joker's appearance is basically the same as all his incarnations, with white skin, green hair, yellow eyes with red irises and purple and green clothing.

Who is the real star of the Practical Jokers Movie?

Live ... from Murr's Pool ... it's Impractical Jokers Dinner Party! This week, Murr, Q, Sal and Joe have a late-summer cookout featuring the real star of the Impractical Jokers Movie: Paula Abdul. Plus the reveal of ...

How many episodes of Impractical Jokers are there in total?

More Join Joe, Q, Sal and Murr for an Awards Special unlike any other, as they honor and celebrate moments of cinematic mastery and outstanding achievement over “Impractical Jokers” franchise comprising 200+ episodes. .. More Think you know what's coming?

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