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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Sims game is the best?

1. The Sims 3 (The Best Sims Game) This version has the best of both worlds because it already contains all the previous excellent aspects of preceded version. Moreover, due to the addition of new features, the gamer can easily experience, the aptest real-life simulator.

Can Sims get married in Sims 1?

Young adult Sims can get engaged, but cannot marry while they are at college. If Bon Voyage or later is installed, Sims can marry while on a community lot. With the addition of family ties and family relationships, marriage becomes a condition as well as an event, so Sims who are living in the same household can marry. If the Sims are not already living together, the Sim being proposed to will move in with the Sim who proposed as soon as the wedding ceremony is over.

Should I play The Sims?

4 Reasons Why You Should Play the Sims. Sarah Washington. For those of you who are unfamiliar with “The Sims” game, the concept is very simple: you simulate real life. You create your own characters (called “Sims”), build or buy their houses, have your characters get jobs and have children, and so on. With the addition of expansion ...

Can your Sims go to other Sims houses?

So I was wondering how to travel to other sims' houses so I can do the same. thanks. No, you can't play your Sim and have them visit another's Sims house. If you are playing that other Sim's house, then there is a chance your Sim will walk by that house, but you won't be controlling your Sim. that sucks.

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