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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get free sewing patterns?

Free Sewing Patterns Free Sewing Patterns From Robert Kaufman Fabrics. Robert Kaufman has 900+ free sewing patterns available that famous pattern designers and sewing bloggers have created using his fabric. Purl Soho's Free Sewing Patterns. ... Art Gallery's Free Sewing Patterns. ... Mood's Free Sewing Patterns. ...

What are some easy sewing ideas?

DIY Lace Shorts. Refashion your old summer shorts with some lace trim for an extra feminine pair of bloomers. (Via sincerelykinsey)...

What is the best simple sewing machine for a beginner?

The best sewing machine for beginners is the sewing machine that looks good and has a nice user-friendly design comfortable for anyone to use on a daily basis. It must have a design that is simple with clearly marked buttons and dials which are easy to see and understand.

Who has patterns on sale?

Graphicriver is site where people sell different kinds of digital files like fonts, icons, logos and also pattern designs. You can package and sell your patterns in a few ways, you can sell them as background that people can download and use for their website or products, you can also sell your patterns as textures.

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