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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do with roblox-player?

Roblox, a game development platform with millions of players worldwide, allows users to build their own games as well as play those created by other users. Roblox Studio allows gamers to express their creativity in the form of fun, while Roblox Player allows you to enjoy games made by other players.

What is the average age of Roblox players?

Roblox users tend to be young – ages 8 through 18 play the game, though the core demographic is really more 9 to 15. For those unfamiliar, Roblox is a universe of user-generated 3D virtual worlds, where kids can engage in open-ended play.

Who can play Roblox?

Roblox is designed to cater to an audience of all ages, though it’s notably played by younger gamers. As a matter of fact, 67% of Roblox players are under 16, while only 14% are over 25. Despite the disparity, please remember that Roblox, more than a game, is a platform where everyone can create and share their own games.

What are some popular Roblox games?

Here is a list of the best Roblox games that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. 1. Scuba Diving At Quill Lake 2. Hide and Seek Extreme 3. All-Star Tower Defense 4. Pet Simulator X 5. Work at a Pizza Place 6. Shindo Life 7. Welcome to Bloxburg 8. Weapon Fighting Simulator 9. Brookhaven RP 10. Project Slayers 1. Scuba Diving At Quill Lake

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