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Frequently Asked Questions

What are French words used in English?

When you talk about food in English, you’re almost guaranteed to use French words. Here are a few common French words used in English to talk about food and drinks. à la carte : when you want to order individual dishes which are not part of a pre-established sequence of courses. Menu. Apéritif. Café. picnic. Salade.

What is the French 'Revoir' in English?

When trying to remember that the French revoir means "to see again" or "to meet again," think of it as "reviewing" something or someone. It's a simple memory trick, but it won't help you learn the conjugations of the verb. Instead, you'll have to do some studying so you can form its present, past, or future tenses and this lesson will help you out.

What is the best online language translator?

Best Online Translators to Translate Any Language Google Translate is probably the most popular free online translator that translates single words or phrases to another language.

What is a good translator?

A good translator is a meticulous researcher, checking all the facts. In fact, she glories in looking things up, and sometimes has to tear herself away from source materials to address the translation at hand.

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