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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there so many fires in California?

California has an unusually high number of fires due to its dry climate, hot weather, and poor forest management practices. As trees and vegetation dry out over the course of the summer, with very little rainfall, forests become increasingly prone to wildfires, and because most forest fires are started by humans, California's large population and tourism also increase the prevalence of these wildfires.

How many fires are burning in California now?

In total, 560 fires are raging in the state. Major fires in Southern California are coming under control, and the state is shifting resources to battle massive blazes in Northern California, Newsom said. There, fires have chewed through brushland, rural areas, canyon country and dense forest surrounding San Francisco.

What wildfires are burning in California?

List of California wildfires. At times, these wildfires are fanned or made worse by strong, dry winds, known as Diablo winds when they occur in the northern part of the state and Santa Ana winds when they occur in the south. Wildfires in California are growing more dangerous as people build in rural burn areas and climate change worsens.

Is California still on fire?

Why Is California On Fire? Wildfires are raging in California, Oregon, and Washington—and increasing around the world—due to causes like climate change and drought. As deadly wildfires continue to burn on the West Coast of the U.S. in Oregon, Washington, and California, California Gov, Gavin Newsom has said that “the debate is over around climate change.”.

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