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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the new Redding courthouse be built?

The new courthouse will be built on a 1.94-acre site in downtown Redding across from the existing main courthouse. The project includes 20 secure parking spaces for the court staff and six secure parking spaces for the marshals adjacent to the sallyport in the basement level.

How many prisoners are in the Redding jail?

This facility can hold up to 484 prisoners; 404 males and 80 females. The facility is attached to the Justice Center, the Municipal and Superior Courts of Shasta County and is located at 1655 West Street, Redding.

What kind of court is Shasta County CA?

The Shasta County main court of trial is the Superior Court. The Superior Court is organized into criminal, civil, small claims, family, probate, juvenile, and traffic divisions. Below are the addresses and contact information of the courts in the county:

How do I get Out of jail in Redding CA?

You should bring the money or check to the reception area of the Main Jail Facility at 1655 West Street, Redding. To bond a person out of jail, you should select a bail bond agency of your choice (see the yellow pages of the Telephone Directory). You may telephone the bail bondsman and provide the necessary information.

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