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Frequently Asked Questions

What Airlines service Redding CA?

New air service between Redding and Burbank was announced Thursday using a new mainline U.S. carrier called Avelo Airlines. The airline was founded by former Allegiant President Andrew Levy, who is promoting ultra-low-fare pricing, according to an announcement on the city of Redding’s website.

What airlines fly out of Redding CA?

Airlines that fly to Redding, California: We could only find 1 airline that flies directly into Redding, California: United Airlines. There may be other airlines that have added routes, so if you're looking for flights make sure you check the website of each airline.

What is the closest airport to Redding CA?

The closest major airport to Redding, California is Redding Municipal Airport (RDD / KRDD). This airport is 9 miles from the center of Redding, CA. If you're looking for domestic flights to RDD, check the airlines that fly to RDD.

How far is Redding from California?

The total driving distance from Redding, CA to Sacramento, CA is 162 miles or 261 kilometers. Your trip begins in Redding, California. It ends in Sacramento, California.

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