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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use "procession" in a sentence?

group of people or thing moving along in an orderly manner Examples of Procession in a sentence Behind the tank followed a long procession of the armored soldiers. Across from the ball, a procession of carriages moved up the street. Because he was well-loved, the mayor’s funeral procession followed the hearse for several miles.

What is another word for procession?

noun parade, sequence synonyms for procession Compare Synonyms cortege motorcade succession advance cavalcade column course cycle file march movement order process run series string train autocade consecution Meet Grammar Coach Improve Your Writing antonyms for procession MOST RELEVANT disorder disorganization halt

What is the definition of procession?

Procession: a body of individuals moving along in an orderly and often ceremonial way. Synonyms: cortege, parade, advance… Antonyms: recess, recession, regress…

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