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Frequently Asked Questions

What problems does the 2012 Honda Civic have?

What Problems Does the 2012 Honda Civic Have? The 2012 Honda Civic has an average number of complaints compared to other compact cars in the same price range. There are more problems than the newer 2013 model, where some issues are fixed. Uncomfortable seats are the most common complaint from owners of Honda Accord and Civic.

Should I buy a 2012 Honda Civic?

I would recommend this vehicle to someone who is looking for a starter car. Two thumbs up. Silver 2012 Honda civic with great gas mileage. My car’s exterior is not very durable and easily cracks. Regardless, I love my car.

What are some of the problems with my civic?

The small problems you may encounter with your civic. I love this car, however the main issue is that the roman system is always showing as faulty. Another common issue would be how fast the oil runs out and needs to be replaced.

What's wrong with the grey Honda Civic?

The grey Honda civic has a sleek and attractive exterior. Not being able to get parts easily due to it being a Japanese car. Runs a good enough distance on a full tank of gas and back. Slick features, had a grey color. Seats could be a different material. Tires last a long while. Problems with mine was the battery failing me on and off.

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