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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the medication pravastatin at 40mg cause major weight loss?

Weight loss is found among people who take Pravastatin sodium, especially for people who are female, 60+ old. The phase IV clinical study analyzes which people take Pravastatin sodium and have Weight loss.

Is 80 mg pravastatin safe?

The recommended starting dose is 40 mg once daily. If a daily dose of 40 mg does not achieve desired cholesterol levels, 80 mg once daily is recommended. In patients with significant renal impairment, a starting dose of 10 mg daily is recommended.

Is 10 mg pravastatin effective?

These findings suggest that standard-dose pravastatin (10-20 mg/day) is more effective in reducing the incidence of CVEs in the elderly than low dose pravastatin (5 mg/ day), especially in nondiabetic elderly patients with mild hypercholesterolemia or previous cardiovascular disease.

How many mg's of pravastatin?

Usual Adult Dose: Initial dose: 40 mg once daily . Pravastatin may be increased to up to 80 mg once daily. Similarly, what are the possible side effects of pravastatin? Serious Side Effects of Pravastatin Muscle pain, weakness, or tenderness.

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