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Frequently Asked Questions

When to increase statin dose?

Dosing with Statins. The liver makes more cholesterol during overnight fasting, so a relatively short-acting statin (eg, simvastatin [Zocor]) may be most effective given in the evening. For the longer-acting statins it makes less difference, though statins are usually taken as a single dose in the evening for ease of compliance.

Can pravastatin get you High?

If you develop any muscle cramps or pains, particularly if they are in your legs and you also feel unwell or have a high temperature (fever). If you feel short of breath or develop an unexplained cough. This is because (in very rare cases), pravastatin may cause a disease called interstitial lung disease.

What is moderate to high intensity statin?

High-Intensity Statin Therapy Offers Survival Benefit Over Moderate-Intensity Statins in CVD Patients. Treatment with a high-intensity statin, which includes rosuvastatin 20 or 40 mg and atorvastatin 40 or 80 mg, was associated with a 9% reduction in the risk of death at 1 year compared with taking a moderate-intensity statin.

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