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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Finocchio's nightclub open?

In 1933, with the repeal of prohibition, the club moved upstairs and started to offer female impersonation acts; after police raids in 1936 the club relocated to the larger 506 Broadway location. Finocchio's night club opened June 15, 1936 and was located in San Francisco, California, above Enrico's Cafe at 506 Broadway Street in North Beach.

Where is Finocchio's located?

/ 37.798419; -122.405827 Finocchio's was a former nightclub and bar in San Francisco. The history of the club started as a speakeasy called the 201 Club in 1929, located at 406 Stockton Street.

Who performed at Finocchio's in the 1970s?

Jim Bailey, performed at Finocchio's in the 1970s. Aleshia Brevard, her Marilyn Monroe impression became so well known that Marilyn Monroe came to see her perform. Li-Kar, performed a "Geisha dance" and was also a designer and artist, contributing visuals to the Finocchio's playbill.

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