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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of obsession?

Your goal is to improve your estate so as to be in better standing with the truly influential families in Derbyshire. Obsession is a game of 16 to 20 turns in which players build a deck of Victorian gentry (British social upper class), renovate their estate by acquiring building tiles from a centralized builders' market,...

Who are the players in obsession?

It is Lizzy Bennet and John Bates, Jane Eyre and Elinor Dashwood, David Copperfield and Mary Thorne. AWARD-WINNING STRATEGY: Obsession is a strategic Victorian era Euro-style board game that requires players to carefully manage their domestic staff, household renovations, social connections, and the family’s emerging reputation in the county.

How old is the House obsession in England?

England, mid-19th century. Obsession begins with you as the head of a country house in ill repair; many rooms have been closed off to save on upkeep and heating, outside grounds are not manicured, and the façade in places is in desperate need of restoration. It is far from the glory days of the estate, but you have new hope.

What is the obsession storage system?

THEMATIC STORAGE SYSTEM: An entirely unique 8-box storage system with six boxes dedicated to the Obsession families and two large internal boxes for storing major components; supports storing the game flat or on its side.

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