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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a nudge in higher education?

Nudges are a great way to remind people to take any new training made available. While nudge theory was born in education technology, the concept also has a place in higher education. In fact, Gartner identified nudge theory as a part of the top 10 strategic technologies impacting higher education.

Can learning platforms nudge students to take action?

Tom Vander Ark (August 2016) calls out learning platforms for largely ignoring the potential of using data to intelligently nudge the student to take action. “There is surprisingly little use of adaptive technology, data analytics, and smart nudges to improve learning behaviors.”

How do you nudge students to learn?

When nudging students, remember that they are interacting with a host of other campus partners. Buy-in from faculty is a useful way to connect your academic skill-building nudges with the learning that is happening in the classroom.

Why choose fewfewer for nudge theory?

Fewer solutions capitalize on the availability of student data and student-facing technology to create and automate delivery of nudges. A smart solution using Nudge Theory can impact all students, not just those identified as at-risk, and do so without increasing staff or administrative burden.

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