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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nelnet do private loans?

Nelnet student loans are one of the many kinds of private student loans. Just like other private college loans, the terms and conditions to apply for these loans are fairly simple. They have a low rate of interest that makes them a suitable option for students who lack the funds to pay for college on their own.

What type of loan is Nelnet?

Nelnet, Inc., is a United States-based conglomerate that deals in the administration and repayment of student loans and education financial services.

Is Nelnet federal or private?

Nelnet makes securing a private loan much easier, and a lot more affordable. As a lending organization that concentrates only on educational loans, Nelnet is devoted to helping students secure the perfect college loan with the most attractive rates and terms.

Can Nelnet loans be forgiven?

Nelnet will then check to see if your loans are eligible for forgiveness. Finally, they will contact your loan holders and notify them that loan payments should be suspended for 120 days. At that point, you'll be informed you can stop making payments and should fill out the application and submit it for processing.

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