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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nelnet a federal or private loan?

Parents naturally want to help their children with their college finances, and that will likely mean some form of Federal or private loan. Nelnet administers the Federal Direct PLUS Loan for Parents, which is a government guaranteed loan designed to help parents give financial aid to their college-bound children.

Does Nelnet do private loans?

Nelnet student loans are one of the many kinds of private student loans. Just like other private college loans, the terms and conditions to apply for these loans are fairly simple. They have a low rate of interest that makes them a suitable option for students who lack the funds to pay for college on their own.

Is Nelnet a federal lender?

Since 1978, Nelnet has been helping college students apply for, and manage, their education loans. Nelnet acts as a loan management service for loans issued under the Federal Direct Student Loan program, as well as for many private lender, or alternative, student loans.

Can we pay Nelnet student loans with credit card?

But alas, federal loan servicer Nelnet does not allow borrowers to pay student loans with a credit card . I was bummed, to say the least, as I thought I might be able to score a free flight or cash back while paying off my massive student debt.

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